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Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social networks and the number of users just keeps growing. Today, if your business is not present on these networks, you virtually don’t exist. Back in the day it was possible to just create a Facebook page or an Instagram account and you would have pretty good reach for free, but with algorithm changes, huge changes in reach showed up as well. Now, regardless of the number of followers, you must invest certain funds towards social media in order to reach higher number of users and potential customers.

Advertising options

No, it is not just boosting your post – there’s a lot more to it.

After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012., it offered an option to run advertising campaigns for both platforms from one single platform. But, in order to use all the options, we need Facebook Business Manager, and within it we can adjust our campaigns.

Depending on the client’s needs, we offer the following options:

  • Traffic – get more people to visit your website
  • Lead Generation – get customer info such as e-mail address or their phone number
  • Brand Awareness – raise awareness about your brand, topic, cause…
  • Reach – reach as many people as possible with your ad
  • Impressions – make them remember you. Potential clients will remember your brand because we will show them your add several times (as much as you want)
  • Engagement – get people to interact with your brand through likes, comments and shares
  • Messaging – get people to send you direct messages to your inbox
  • Video plays – we’ll make sure that as many people as possible watch your video

Choosing target audience and optimizing ad budget

Using advanced filtering and adjustment we can help you pinpoint paying clients and customers who are already considering similar products. For example, if you’re selling air conditioners, it is pointless to serve your ad to people living in Alaska. The same goes if you’re selling lawnmowers, you’re don’t want to waste your money serving the ad to people living in skyscrapers on 5th Avenue. Randomly selected audience will spend your advertising budget in the blink of an eye, without you making any return on your investment.

We will find the right audience for your business and maximize ad spend accordingly in order for you to get the best results and enjoy your ROI rates!