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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You were googling your website and you don’t even see it in the search results? You want your page to be above the competition’s website?

Let us help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that has never had more hype than during the Covid-19 pandemics. It was right then the people saw that their website was missing a key marketing segment. SEO represents strictly defined set of actions (which change from time to time duo to Google updates) that enables search engines like Google or Yahoo to find and rank your website. This way the search engines give users the opportunity to find your products, offers and services.

Our SEO team can offer you:

  1. Research, planning and strategy

In order to do a successful search engine optimization for your website, we must first conduct a detailed research and create a strategy that defines the outcomes of the SEO. We use advanced tools and software to research keywords, spy on your competition, conduct a market research and analysis – all in favor of accomplishing the desired goals.

  1. On-site implementation

On-site optimization represents technical edits which need to be carried out on your website in order to remove or correct all SEO shortcomings that have negative impact on your ranking on Google, Yahoo etc.

Besides the technical edits, the three most important segments for internal SEO are:

  • Content quality – the content has to be unique and it has to be clear what the topic is
  • Relevant content – the content needs to be relevant in relationship with the desired keywords
  • Your website must offer useful information that adds to the global knowledge base of the world wide web
  1. Link building

Links are one of the most important parameters in SEO. Quality links that are relevant for the set topic can help improve your ranking in the searches, BUT bad links can harm your reputation and lower your ranking as well. We can easily identify which links harm and which improve your rating and position and therefore help you get rid of toxic links and replace them with rank-boosting links.

SEO is a long-term project where results don’t come over night, but it is certainly one of the best long-term marketing tools that can bring you customers who are already interested in certain products or services that you offer.